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Knowledge may be the greatest gift, but The Satanic Temple (TST)-Chicago chapter’s Snaketivity display at the Illinois state capitol is really the gift that keeps on giving this year.

Satanic Displays are Getting Noticed in Late Night

Last night during last night’s monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live the comedian enlisted the help of some friends to joke about the statue currently on display in the capitol rotunda in Springfield. Playing the part of god was actor/comedian Billy Crystal, who remarked took shots at standard Chicago tropes like Al Capone and deep-dish pizza, before going on to say he’s fine with TST’s display because he and Satan (played by Dave Grohl) have made up.

“Hail me!,” said the noted rock icon of Nirvana and Foo Fighter’s fame. (Incidentally, Grohl also played the devil in Tenacious D’s The Pick of Destiny.)

Watch the full clip below:

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Comments on the video are … about what you’d expect

There’s not much to say about reactions to the clip. A whole lot of angry Christians are not amused and most people, including Satanists, think it’s pretty funny.

It’s nice to see one of TST’s efforts getting such wide recognition. I met the Chicago chapter folk earlier this year when I went to cover the Grey Faction protest of the ISSTD convention and this kind of success couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of heathens.

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