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It’s been a very eventful weekend out here in Arizona. Our local chapter of The Satanic Temple put on on an amazing ritual event in Bisbee, AZ Saturday night. (Full coverage of which is coming, I still need to organize my notes.) In the meantime though, this year we had members come in from all over the country. TST representatives from Florida, Atlanta, Colorado, Texas, and more all flew out, and we capped the whole thing off with a surprise appearance by co-founder Lucien Greaves.

We managed to drag him out here by setting up a speaking gig for him at The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix thanks to some longstanding connections with ally (and not incidentally a frequent Naked Diner guest Andre Salais) who does a lot of work with HSGP, and we got to talking and … things happen.

Lucien Touched on New Topics

This blog being what it is I watch a lot of Lucien’s videos, so I was glad to see he took the time to prepare some new stuff. If you want the news and don’t have the time it’s this: January 23rd is the court date for oral arguments on the Missouri reproductive rights case before the state supreme court. The cool thing about this one is that he’s really trying to drive home the point that TST activism is religiously (though still non-theistically) motivated. He begins with comparing and contrasting what shared values exist between the constitution and TST’s 7 Tenets, and the woeful lack of shared value between the former and the 10 Commandments.

The Q&A segment might be one of the more candid discussions I’ve seen Lucien have in a while so it’s well worth the full watch. We were all really happy to have pulled this together. You can see the full video below:

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Stay tuned. I’ll get my review of the TST-AZ event this weekend to you as soon as I can compile my thoughts.

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