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If you have any friends on social media who are involved with The Satanic Temple (TST) you probably saw that Lucien Greaves was on Tucker Carlson last week. But an hour earlier Rachel Campos-Duffy was running with the Satanic Panic narrative.

Rachel Campos-Duffy is big mad about SatanCon

Lucien turned up on Tucker to talk about the relaunch of the After School Satan Club (ASSC) program at a school in Illinois. But an hour before that, Rachel Campos-Duffy hosted her own segment with catholic YouTuber Taylor Marshall.

YouTube video

Campos-Duffy recounts some background on ASSC. She then points to TST’s recent holiday display in the Illinois Capitol rotunda and the upcoming SatanCon event in Scottsdale, AZ. This seemed to particularly interest her because her mom lives there and it’s “upsetting so many Catholics and Christians in that beautiful area”.

As if to suggest that Satanists have no right to be in beautiful places too.

Their discussion goes on to accuse Satanists of infiltrating culture, taking over public spaces, and generally being culturally visible at all (or perhaps for merely existing). Mitchell opines that SatanCon is all part of a deeply organized plot in concert with Antifa and the communists to … well they never quite get around to saying, of course.

SatanCon isn’t doing anything wrong

The organizers of TST’s SatanCon event have already posted a schedule of events for the convention. They’ve said that recordings of the events will be made available on TheSatanicTemple.TV. Does that sound like a shadowy group of clandestine actors who are up to something sneaky?

There’s a bit of mental gymnastics at work here. It sounds like Marshall is suggesting that places like Scottsdale are too good for the likes of certain people and our money. After all, just looking at the size of the event it’s sure to bring tens of thousands of tourist dollars. With the effects of the pandemic that’s a good thing.


It’s hard to tell what they’re accusing the SatanCon organizers of doing. Their objections seem to stem from an idea that their ‘Christian culture’ has ownership over downtown Scottsdale that goes beyond commerce. What else aren’t Satanists to do in Scottsdale according to them?

When TST was rejected from giving an invocation in Scottsdale they were told it was because they lacked “substantial community ties”. Now, as they seek ties, primetime pundits are criticizing them for that too.

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