Jonathan MS Pearce

 A Tippling Philosopher

Jonathan MS Pearce is a philosopher, author, columnist and public speaker with an interest in writing about almost anything, from skepticism to science, politics and morality the environment, because everything is philosophy. A former teacher, God – or the universe – has afflicted him with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. He can no longer play football with his twin boys, but he can still write a good column and book. Well, he likes to think so anyway. His books cover a wide topic area: atheism, the creation of the universe, the Resurrection, the Nativity, free will, poetry, and skepticism to name a few, as well as zombie pandemics, kids’ adventures and how to be a father of twins.

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What Jordan Peterson got right, and what he got horribly wrong

What Jordan Peterson got right, and what he got horribly wrong

Reading Time: 9 minutes Jordan Peterson is one of the world’s foremost dividers of opinion. And recently he quit Twitter, much to the sadness of his 2.7 million followers, after a foray into the world of sporting swimwear and beauty. Or beauty in swimwear. Or, for him, not beauty in swimwear. The New York Times once described Peterson as “the most influential public intellectual in the Western world.” And influential public intellectuals have a tendency…