Jonathan MS Pearce

 A Tippling Philosopher

Jonathan MS Pearce is a philosopher, author, columnist and public speaker with an interest in writing about almost anything, from skepticism to science, politics and morality the environment, because everything is philosophy. A former teacher, God – or the universe – has afflicted him with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. He can no longer play football with his twin boys, but he can still write a good column and book. Well, he likes to think so anyway. His books cover a wide topic area: atheism, the creation of the universe, the Resurrection, the Nativity, free will, poetry, and skepticism to name a few, as well as zombie pandemics, kids’ adventures and how to be a father of twins.

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Yes, it IS a proxy war, and it’s one we must win

Reading Time: 5 minutes With the anniversary of the Ukraine-Russia War looming next month, the war is at perhaps its most attritional, most horrific, most heart-breaking. The loss of life there need never have happened. Assuming he survives this war, Vladimir Putin will one day have a lot to answer for. In a court. In The Hague. Russian propagandists often accuse the West, NATO, the US of being involved in a proxy war. A…

Two days of infamy

Reading Time: 2 minutes President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared December 7, 1941 to be “a day of infamy.” That was two…