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We are in a situation where Trump’s one-term administration has had three times more indictments than Nixon’s. This is corruption central, and nothing reflects this more for me than the deeply hypocritical manner the GOP are going about their SCOTUS nomination. They are prepared to do anything for power.

What has been fascinating is Amy Coney Barrett’s answers to the questioning. (And in today’s news, 100 Notre Dame faculty members have signed a letter asked her to delay the process.) his one is perhaps the most egregious:

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With some useful analysis, as ever, from Brian Tyler Cohen. While we’re at it, this was embarrassing and shows a total lack of preparation and fundamental knowledge, and BTC also gives some useful analysis.

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And mentioning Republican Senator Ben Sasse, this is verrrrry interesting and long, long overdue:

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And as I posted the other day, Senator Whitehouse is really coming to the fore. This warning of the precedent that the GOP have now set, the bed that they will have to lie in, was crucial to have been said:

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