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I am giving a talk to Dorset Humanists tonight about the coronavirus pandemic. Please pop along (all times are BST UK time)! The following details are from the meetup page (which includes the ID and password when you log in):

Details: A Coronavirus Conversation: Philosophy, Psychology and Politics

Join us at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.
Please use Zoom link or Meeting ID. You will also need the password to join this online event.
Meeting ID:[masked]

Join Jonathan MS Pearce as he takes an investigative look at the pandemic as it has affected all of us, covering a whole host of topics. Jonathan has given up on precise forward planning for his talk because the situation is evolving so rapidly. What we do know is that it will contain plenty of material with which to stock your cranial cupboards.

Jonathan has spoken to Dorset Humanists on numerous occasions and he has written and edited books of interest to humanists including ‘Filling The Void: A Selection Of Humanist And Atheist Poetry’.

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