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Hey, I’m gonna post a cartoon about killing a political opponent and attacking the President of the United States. Isn’t that hilarious?

HA.    HA.     HA.

If I were running for city clerk in Podunk, Arkansas, and my opponent was a pro-choice Democrat, my redneck supporters would think this is a real hoot. But what if I am an elected Representative in the US Congress? What if this little cartoon goes viral, and is spread all over the world? Is this the sort of image that makes us proud of our government? This did not happen during the passions of a political campaign. This is just a white supremacist Trumpublican having a little “joke” about a fellow member of Congress who happens to be a woman of color.

To describe such a stunt as poor taste is far too mild. It could even provoke some nutcase to try to make it happen. The target of this attack (yes, that is what it is) has already received many death threats. It is probably one of the goals of the perpetrator to intimidate her into dropping out of politics to protect herself and her family. I doubt if he would shed any tears, or even feel any shame, if she were physically attacked, or even killed. The mildest word I can think of to describe this is despicable.

But here is the worst part of all. Almost all of the Republican members of Congress are defending the antics of this creepy clown! Even so, the House of Representatives passed a resolution censuring him. The two Republicans who joined the unanimous Democrats will surely be vilified.

So, it becomes apparent that the problem is not limited to one slimy character with a ghoulish sense of humor. This is one more indication of how our body politic has degenerated. And why we have lost the respect of other civilized nations, and given our enemies one more piece of evidence confirming the degeneracy of our government…and of We the People.

It is truly a sad time in our nation’s history.

FINAL NOTE: I have deliberately not mentioned the names of the two people involved in this. I don’t want to give him any public recognition at all, and I don’t want to make her into any more of a target than she already is.

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