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Here is a little something from HandsomeMrToad:

Something very bad happened to me last year: a dear friend of mine was murdered. His name was Roddy Posa. And at the trial, I found out that the murderer was wearing yellow socks at the time when he murdered my friend Roddy Posa.  Looking into it further, I found that this murderer loves yellow socks and wore them all the time.

So now, I’m trying to get my congressman to pass a law against yellow socks. I know that this law won’t bring Roddy back to life, but at least it will make other Americans safer.  I know it will make Americans safer, because if this law had been in place, and enforced, last year, then my friend Roddy would still be alive.

Tell your congressman: no more Roddy Posas! Ban yellow socks NOW!

Of course, the parallels here are with the murder of Mollie Tibbett at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

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