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My friend recently sent me a link to this. It is the BibViz Project of the Holy Bible and its contradictions.


Just wow.

The above is a screenshot of some of it. Go check it out.

The description for the project at the bottom is:

This website aspires to be a beautiful and interactive resource for skeptics and believers alike to explore some of the more negative aspects of holy books, such as Bible contradictions, biblical inerrancy and the Bible as a source of morality.
It was heavily inspired by the Reason Project’s poster of biblical contradictions, which in turn was inspired by Chris Harrison’s Bible Visualizations.

Many of the contradictions above stem from a literal interpretation of the stories in the Bible (biblical inerrancy). Some verses may be mistranslations, allegories, exaggerations, etc and can be interpreted in the context of the society in which they were written, rewritten, or otherwise modified over time, while others are very clear contradictions. Considering that 46% of Americans believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis (and probably other portions of the Bible) and the fact that many sects disagree on which parts to take literally, it seems reasonable to include these contradictions based on literal interpretation.

I hope to show that while the Bible may have much to offer us, biblical inerrancy and morality are not what it offers. Without inerrancy it’s simple to see that we just do not know which parts are the word or will of God. Basing our morality on vile, disgusting stories from a long-forgotten era of humanity in a part of the world many have never even seen seems silly to me. What the Bible does offer us is an amazing look into humanity, our past, our desires and our fears.

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