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Adam and Eve present a real problem, a thorn in the side of believing Christians. There is a two horned problem of using Adam and Eve as representative of humanity. If they are just like humanity and fail as a result, then God has badly designed humanity to fail. If they are not representative of humanity (i.e. most humans wouldn’t have chosen like him / her / them), then God is unfair in condemning humanity on the choice of one/two humans who don’t fairly represent us.

God can’t win. (Because he don’t exist…)


The context being that if you believe (even if you do not believe in the literal Adam/Eve) that we are born predisposed to sin, then is the creator in some way culpable for our sin? And to take it further:

If God designed the universe, the laws, humanity and everything, and then created the universe; and given that God could have chosen any other possible world out of infinite choices; and given that God could step in at any moment and change things; and given that God has complete foreknowledge of future events; how is God not in some way ultimately culpable for our sin?

For example, if I created a sentient lifeform in the lab – designed from scratch and created entirely myself – and I knew 100% (and I mean infallibly) that they would break out of the lab and rampage through town causing harm (rape, murder, mugging) and knew this in advance, and then still decided to create these lifeforms and they went out and did their evil thing, would I not be in some way culpable? Yes, some of them might go out and paint pictures and do charity work, but the majority were pretty evil. Yes they did it of their own free will. But I knew this in advance. I designed them in such a way. And I created them with this perfect foreknowledge. Would the police, in evaluating the crime and suffering in the town not see me as somewhat morally or causally culpable?

Let’s put it another way. I am the CEO of a massive car company. I design a car that I know 100% will have a certain amount of faults and will, as a result, cause pain and suffering through crashing as a result of those faults. Yes, some of the cars will be great, and provide good service. But many will crash and burn. Literally. And I create them knowingly. Would I not, as CEO, be held accountable?

There are two issues here:

1) Adam/Eve, if they are representative of humanity, reflect a poorly designed humanity. If we are poorly designed and God knows it, then God is a poor designer and should be held morally or causally culpable for our fall or failure.

2) Adam/Eve are not representative of humanity, and we are being punished (vicariously through the Fall) for the actions of people who bear no proper connection to us, who are not reflective of who we are. Therefore, God is not fair.

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