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Alex O’Connor, also known as CosmicSkeptic, has just interviewed Richard Dawkins in his own home, the title of the video of which is “Richard Dawkins | Outgrowing God | On Atheism, Ethics, and Theology” – this covers a lot of ground.

Thanks to Geoff Benson for putting me onto this one.

One of the key elements to the chat was one about positive and negative atheism – something about which I have talked before. See ‘How I Define “Atheism”‘. (I advocate for strong/positive atheism – that it is a simple positive affirmation of a negative claim, or a negative affirmation of a positive claim).

Another point of interest to me is what pushes the moral zeitgeist progressively and consistently in one direction.

For Dawkins, he also finds theology useful and interesting when it is descriptive, but not so when normative. Not much to disagree with there. “I’ve got better things to do; I do science.” – Ha!

O’Connor is a quality, well-versed interlocutor and this is a worthy interview.

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