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This video went viral recently and for good reason. It’s brilliant. It was actually originally a rant from The Young Turks‘ panellist in 2018 but resurfaced due to Poland’s right-wing, Viktor Orbana-esque government looking to deliver a moral rollback to its population in terms of things like abortion in an attempt to defy the EU and rfeturfn the country to the good ole days of who-knows-when. This has enraged women and younger voters in the former Eastern Bloc country.

Kasparian’s point here concerns Christocentrism, the idea that Christianity is somehow exceptional and holds greater power or importance than any other worldview.

“But the Bible says this…!”

Who cares what the Bible says. I don’t believe it. Do you care what the Epic of Gilgamesh says?

I am as guilty as anyone of perpetuating this problem given my focus on Christianity for well over a decade. That’s the result of the chance of history and the historical-cultural baggage PhD my particular context.

Kasparian, I think, absolutely nails her criticisms of Christians who attack non-Christians over whatever expectations of them they have deduced from their holy book. They just can’t understand that the Bible just isn’t relevant (and nor are the moral diktats therein) to non-Christians. Because it is so central to their lives, and given psychological projection, Christians simply cannot fathom how what the Bible says is utterly irrelevant to people who aren’t Christian.

Here is a vide of TYT talking about the viral segment, included herein. Good stuff.

YouTube video


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