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I have always been a fan of mixed economies as being the only answer to rampant economic liberalism and rampant political and economic authoritarianism.

We, in the UK and US, are creeping ever closer to the former, whilst embracing Trumpian elements of the latter. No one seems to have the desire, or even the ability, to break up huge monopolies like we see in the tech world – like Amazon.

That capitalistic march towards individualism and nihilistic materialism is a threat to the fabric of society, I would argue. It’s odd because I’ve often argued that neoliberalism (qua libertarianism) is incompatible with religion, for example. And so it is odd when American religious types embrace it as a formidable weapon against cultural and economic Marxism.

Though none have ever read Marx. And all of them appear to want to regulate what people do with their own bodies, and who they sleep with, and so on. And they want to regulate prayer into schools and church into the state.

So it’s a complete mess.

But I don’t want this to be a long piece. Indeed, all I am going to do is advocate reading what I thought was the most interesting article I have read in ages:

The Triumph and Terror of Wang Huning” from Palladium, an admittedly liberalist source. But it really is a good piece, illustrating the dangerous poles of US neoliberalism and China’s authoritarianism that is fighting back with a vengeance. Go read it. It’s long but worthwhile.

That should be enough to get the discussion moving.

Whilst you are here, though, check this out in the UK:

Front page of the Daily Telegraph, here we have the government, getting away from the European Court of Human Rights, so they can have ultimate control of the law when it doesn’t go their way.

I think I wrote some time ago about morality being fairer when the mechanisms are spread amongst more people. Thus a union of states will have a fairer moral system than when power is concentrated amongst just a few cronies in one state. I can’t find the piece, but you get the idea. The closer you move towards a dictatorship (and a move from the EU to Little England, especially in light of potentially losing Scotland and Northern Ireland from the Union), the fewer moral failsafe you have in place. We are losing our checks nd balances.

And there you go – I present Dominic Raab and the Tories.

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