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The classical theistic components of God, his characteristics of being all-loving, all-powerful and all-knowing don’t work very well together. This has been something which I have sought to elucidate over the years, so I thought I would compile a synopsis of where we are at with the idea of OmniGod, and what he has created. These are good arguments, I believe, and I would love to see my readers interact with them, and I would love to see theists of all natures take them to task to see if they stand up. Bookmark this page and return to it, if you will – there’s quite a lot here! I would like to see this as a growing compendium.

The Ontological Argument: God’s perfection and creation

God’s own free will

God’s omniscience

God’s omniobenevolence – the Problem of Evil and God’s own morality

General articles about God’s attributes

God and heaven

God and hell (and some extras about Satan)

And while you’re at it, you can check out my cumulative case against God book, The Little Book Of Unholy Questions, written as a series of direct questions to God, in sections, with introductions to each section.

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