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I am putting the finishing touches on my new book 30 Arguments Against the Existence of “God”, Divine Design, Heaven, Hell, and Satan. I have really enjoyed writing it and hope my beta readers (who have seen it in different layers of finishedness) have enjoyed it too. But what really pleases me is that Dan Barker, author of the brilliant book Godless, and veteran of over 130 public debates, has written and provided the foreword to the book.

Dan is a lovely man and tireless campaigner for that which is good and right in the world! A massive thanks to him for his support. He has offered me a radio interview on the release of the book, which is lovely.

The book is an anthology of 30 different arguments against that which is mentioned in the title, but there are also further arguments and sidebars connected to each argument chapter. It is aimed at the intelligent layman/popular audience and I hope it is really accessible and readable (as I have written it in such a style).

Anyway, this is yet another reason I have been writing a little less frequently recently. So many pans on the stove!

I’ll keep you posted about its progress, but it should be out on the other side of this year.

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