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Dr Aaron Adair is great. He’s a great scholar and good to interview. I really enjoyed this one, and it also made me realise (having written a book on the topic of the Nativity, and edited a book on the Star of Bethlehem) how the Star of Bethlehem is crucial to the whole Matthean infancy account. Without the Star, you get no Magi, and without the magi,m you get no Herod, and without Herod, you get no Jesus in Egypt for two years, then coming out to fulfil a Messianic prophecy and then going to live in Nazareth.

The Star of Bethlehem is the lynchpin to Matthew’s entire infancy narratice. Here, we debunk it:

YouTube video

Check out his fabulous book (as Carrier says, the go-to book on the Star of Bethlehem): The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View.

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