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With a couple of bars of holiday WiFi, here’s one I almost finished previously…

This is great news. Yes, admittedly, I love the Guardian, but I love it precisely because I see it as more accurate than any other UK media News source. This is particularly true now that the Telegraph and Times appear to have debased their news over recent decades.

Here is what the Guardian have to say in their article “Guardian most widely used newspaper website and app for news, says Ofcom”:

Guardian and Observer rated highest by readers for accuracy, trustworthiness and depth of analysis

The Guardian continues to be the UK’s most widely used newspaper website and app for news, according to the communications watchdog, which shows it has increased its audience share over the past year.

The research by Ofcom, based on audience surveys, found that 23% of consumers who used websites or apps for news turned to the Guardian, which also hosts the Observer’s online content, for their updates, one percentage point higher than the Daily Mail’s online products, and a one-point increase on the previous year.

The Guardian and Observer also beat newspaper rivals in audience share among professional (ABC1) workers, with 25% of the audience share, among 16- to 24-year-olds, with 31%, and among readers from ethnic minority groups, with 29%.

But the lion’s share of online audience continued to be won by the BBC, with 67% of news consumers saying they tuned into the broadcaster’s websites and apps, a rise of three percentage points year on year. That was followed by Google and then Sky News, another broadcaster, putting the Guardian in overall fourth place….

Trouble could be looming for the broadcasters, however, with younger consumers much more likely to use the internet to keep up with news rather than using TV and other sources, Ofcom found.

Nine in 10 younger people aged 16-24 followed news stories online, compared with less than two-thirds who got their news from television. A similar trend was found among people with minority ethnic backgrounds, with 85% favouring internet news, compared with 69% who turned to television.

The demographic breakdown is interesting. The future of print news and traditional news media sources is very much in doubt.

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