Get to know some of the varied columnists and contributors to OnlySky through interviews by Jonathan MS Pearce

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This is both a reminder that I have a very active YouTube channel and an invitation for you to get to know some of the other columnists here at OnlySky. There are a lot of us here and I am trying to get round to interviewing them all.

The first place to start is with the editor and one of the huge driving forces behind OnlySky, author and activist Dale McGowan:

One of the first interviews was with…myself. I was just messing around with the genre in written form: “Pipes and pints, rabbit holes and warrens: An interview with Jonathan MS Pearce“. Otherwise, all of my interviews have been in visual form.

Check out my interview with Adam Lee (of Daylight Atheism):

And with Satanist Jack Matirko:

Jack returned the favor here, where we talk about the new venture:

And folklorist Jeana Jorgensen:

And though this was a few years ago, you can see my interview with Iranian blogger-now-columnist Kaveh Mousavi (this was carried out when I was in a Russian stem cell clinic after chemotherapy!):

And in that same time period, I interviewed cartoonist Jonathan Burrello:

This next week, I will be interviewing sociologist of religion and author Phil Zuckerman:

So it would be great if you could both hang out with me at YouTube as well as get to know some of these great contributors here at OS. I hope to add to this catalog of guests in the coming months.

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