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I listened to this a number of years ago and am sure I posted it here somewhen, but cannot find it. Anywho, this is well worth a listen for a good synopsis of the area of sex selection (and thus evolutionary psychology) regarding humans, and how we like to think we are different, better, more highbrow than our animal friends, but, in reality, we have been just as directed by evolutionary pressures as they have. The description of the Reasonable Doubts podcast is:

Ever wonder why you find that special someone so alluring? The answer may be in their genes. This Valentines day the doubtcasters invite you to learn about the Darwinian side of attraction with Dr. Gregory Forbes, Professor of Biology at Grand Rapids Community College and former Education Director for the Michigan Evolution Education Initiative. The following is a long excerpt from his lecture Mate Choice and Sex: Getting Into Someone’s Genes.

The poscast is here:

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