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My first attempt at fiction, Survival of the Fittest: Metamorphosis has received another great 5* review:

Now in my fifties it has been a long time since I have had the slightest interest in fictional horror films, books or video games. I still don’t – so why read this one? – I am familiar with some of the writers other work, Jonny Pearce (or when he morphs form into Johno Pearce) is an accomplished writer of philosophy which is otherwise presented in more formal places such as books on philosophy, essays, articles and blogs… Clearly passionate when it comes to ridding the world of bad ideas and misinformed world views, he has written this fantastical horror fiction novel perhaps to reach a wider audience and it is a brilliant fantasy to escape into with some deep and thought provoking aspects about belief systems such as religion, the after life, free will etc I really enjoyed getting to know each character and their different and conflicting views and how they fitted (or not) when their world began to disassemble. – I can’t wait for a sequel!

I would greatly appreciate anyone grabbing this for a Christmas read or present. You know you want to. And even if you don’t want to…get it anyway.

The description follows:

No one seems to know where it started. Or exactly when. And certainly not how. But it is here, and everything that everyone holds dear falls prey to the ravages of the virus. Some are unaffected, and they must quickly come to terms with their new world – a dystopian Britain in the early convulsions of collapse.

Follow a disparate collection of people as they fight for their lives in this first installment of Survival of the Fittest.

Where the journey will take them is anyone’s guess.

“A frightening and credible zombie apocalypse. This is the way the world would end―not with a bang or a whimper, but with a snarl and the gnashing of teeth…” Rebecca Bradley, author of Cadon, Hunter and From Hades With Love

“Pearce’s rollicking suburban adventure begs to be consumed and it won’t let go until life is sucked from the final pages.” Glenn Andrew Barr, author of Skin of Them

“Johnny P. has written a shockingly good zombie story with a literary quality unfamiliar to the genre. Don’t let the slow build fool you―the growing tension plays a vital role in allowing everything to snap with a most satisfying sort of frayed devastation. Once all hell breaks loose it’s a no holds barred gore fest!” Tristan Vick, author of BITTEN: Resurrection and BITTEN 2: Land of the Rising Dead


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