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Britain has its own problems, for sure. We are heading full speed into a national disaster in Brexit with the Foreign Secretary (Boris Johnson) as well as the Brexit Ministers David Davis and Steve Baker resigning today. Not only that, but the main funder of UKIP and the Leave campaign, Arron Banks, met the Russian Ambassador 11 times in a potential mirror of the Trump-Russia debacle.

It’s a total shitstorm.

But I still can’t believe the “leader of the free world” is such an incompetent idiot. It’s bad here, but over your place? Wow.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who thinks highly of this man after listening to his self-centred knobbish ramblings needs their head checked.

This video, and I know most of you will have seen this speech already, is just staggeringly cringeworthy. Do people come away from such rallies thinking that Trump really is some genius, as he himself does?

I know certain commenters here, like See Noevo, seem to think he’s wonderful, but surely there is a limit to cognitive dissonance?

Just watch this.

If you want to see the transcript to see the ridiculousness of his narcissistic ramblings, see here:

Just watch his “smarts” about trade and Canadian wheat here:

YouTube video

He’s just about to come to the UK, where we have some special relationship. However, the police are getting geared up for the biggest police presence and procedure since the 2011 riots. People seriously think he’s an idiot here. I’m looking forward to seeing this bad boy fly:

So, although politics sucks in the UK right now, a lot, at least we can still laugh at Trump. Or cry.

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