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Adding to the likes of Jeremiah Traeger, whom I introduced the other day, I would like to welcome aboard a recently retired philosophy professor who has an interest in the sorts of things written about here.

“My B.A. and Ph.D. are in philosophy, and I retired in 2015 after 43 years of university, teaching philosophy. In more detail, I graduated from high school in Kansas City, Missouri; attended Rice University, in Houston, Texas for both undergrad and graduate work; and taught at what is now Texas State University for my whole career, retiring in 2015. I was married to Christina Lynne (Wilkins) Fulmer, also a philosophy professor, until her death in 2010. We had no children, by choice. I continue to live in San  Marcos, Texas.”

He also told me:

“It is my view that we (i.e., the human species) are on the verge of another “great leap forward in our thinking.  The move from the geocentric to the heliocentric picture of the universe, and the recognition of the evolutionary development of life were two major previous re-organizations of our thinking.  And I believe the move away from an  animistic (usually theistic) picture of the universe to a naturalistic one is a similar move.  Many of us are involved in this change; it will take a long time, and have immense consequences–many we cannot now even foresee.  The Tippling Philosopher blog has helped already; and, we can hope, will do more. If you agree, I envision my first contributions to be along these lines.

In addition to publishing a number of papers relating to various aspects of philosophy of religion, I have several times been invited to address the Disproof Atheism Society, centered at Boston University. The Dasociety focuses on arguments which aim to specifically disprove the existence of God (as contrasted with critiques of arguments for his existence.) It was founded in 1994, and chaired by Michael Martin until his recent death. Ricki Monnier is the energetic day-to-day sparkplug.”

Once I get usernames and technical stuff sorted, I look forward to seeing some content from Gilbert. Please welcome him onboard.

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