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I will be debating Christian philosopher Peter S. Williams at Southampton University this Thursday night, the title being “Is God Required for Morality?”

Peter is actually a friend of mine from the early days of The Tippling Philosophers. He is a published philosopher (I have critiqued one of his books – check out the menu above). The debate is a team debate, with each of us teamed with a student from the university Christian Union and Atheist Society.

This is my first ever live, formal debate (other than my debate with fellow humanist David Warden about Islam). As the facebook event advert states:

An opportunity you will NOT want to miss!

Join the Christian Union and the Atheist Society this Thursday as they debate the motion: “God is required for morality”.

Speaking for the Christian Union:
Peter Williams – philosopher, author
Miriam Animashaun – 3rd year philosophy & economics student

Speaking for the Atheist Society:
Jonathan Pearce – philosopher, author
Boaz Dicks – 2nd year philosophy student

If you are anywhere near Southampton, UK, on Thursday, please come along!

Here is a debate featuring Peter, when he coupled with WLC a few years back:


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