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As many of you will know, I have recently written a new book concerning the Kalam Cosmological Argument (Did God Create the Universe from Nothing? Countering William Lane Craig’s Kalam Cosmological Argument), which has had some cracking reviews. Two more have recently been added to the UK amazon site that I want to share, in the hope that you will all rush out and buy multiple copies.DidGodCreatetheUniverse

Please do.

Give them to all of your Christian or Muslim friends.


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This a very thought provoking book that breaks down the Kalam step by step in bite size chunks. It’s clear that Jonathan Pearce has researched all the issues related to the argument thoroughly. He made me think and pointed out problems with the argument that I had not myself considered. I would heartily recommend this book to anyone. It will definitely give those that instinctively ‘feel’ it’s a good argument pause for thought. Unfortunately I think some may not enjoy it because it may take them outside of their comfort zone, for them they will undoubtedly just run to their ‘Reasonable Faith’ safe space. For those willing to explore new ideas, it’s highly recommended.

And then:

5 Star Rating5.0 out of 5 stars Another nail in the KCA coffin

By Geoff Benson on 28 Mar. 2017

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This is a complex book about a complex subject but, ultimately, what Pearce does is show that the underlying premises of the KCA are flawed. Once you get your head round this it becomes clear that the KCA as espoused most powerfully by William Lane Craig, is simply a clever attempt to use words to prove God, and words are just a human construct that can severely limit our ability to think in concepts.

I read this book some considerable while ago, but it is only the appearance of a very unhelpful one star review here that has prompted me to write one myself. Commenting on the one star review I can only say that the book is much too complex to dismiss in just a few lines. Craig himself would feel the review is unfair, and plainly agenda driven, presumably by a person of faith.

The book takes the KCA, which is a simple syllogism, and rips it apart, showing that it’s a syllogism based on assumptions that are nothing more than assertions. Of course, because it’s a book covering the universe, its existence and cause, it is necessarily quite complex in parts, but everything is explained thoroughly, and nothing is beyond the capability of a sincere and intelligent reader. It tackles big questions such as did the universe have a first cause, can something be created from nothing, and what do we mean by nothing anyway? There’s reference to free will, something about which Pearce has written extensively, and even Craig’s lack of proper understanding of the various types of ‘infinity’ are discussed. The philosophy includes points such as ‘if God is perfect then why did he create the universe?’, pointing out that when science and philosophy have clashed in the past, in all cases where there has been resolution science has triumphed. Pearce even includes a section in which he tries to anticipate criticisms that Craig might make and then discuss, and refute, them.

Probably not a book for everybody (after all, how many have even heard of the KCA) but one that represents a serious challenge to the KCA’s attempt to prove God by the use of words. The trouble is, of course, there is no empirical evidence whatsoever for God so words are all that is left.


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