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In a self-congratulatory manner, I was sent this on facebook of someone on holiday with my new book. Nice. If only more people could follow suit for their holidays!



Please grab a copy! There has even been another cracking review this week:

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The world around you changes seemingly overnight. The institutions you took for granted; the police, the NHS, the millitary cease to function leaving the country in a state of disarray. What do you do?
That is the question powerfully delivered by the author of this new and exciting book. Johnny Pearce cleverly uses the premise of zombies not for cheap scares or emotionless action but to test the moral fibre of an eclectic mix of characters placed in a situation far beyond their control. It is through these accurately drawn personalities that the fragility of our society is explored, through their actions, that the ethical quandaries that we can too easily shrug off are put under the spot light. The combination of this philosophical examination with exciting, tense and unpredictable story-telling make this book a must-read.
I am eagerly awaiting the next volume in what promises to be an unmissable series.

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