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Here is today’s interview with me, hosted by Andy Hall for Laughing in Disbelief, discussing the Nativity. We had a seamless segue (!) at the end to talk Brexit – he couldn’t resist. And nor could I…

I love talking with Andy – it’s always relaxed and he allowed me to cover a whole heap of content.

YouTube video

I posted this on Facebook and my friend rather sarcastically replied:

JP, look, it’s quite simple. A virgin gave birth to a boy who has existed before time and is and isn’t joined to the creator of everything and a ghost. He later paid the ultimate sacrifice by dying for 3 days to take away your inherited sin because a lady took a bit of fruit before she knew right from wrong. You know its true because everyone does even if they aren’t aware of it. If you deny it’s true you will scream for eternity in unimaginable pain. And He loves you.
Now what is so difficult to believe man?

I’m not sure if Jesus went somewhere during those three days or was really dead and the trinity became a duo. Like Simon and Garfunkle, individuals but also one. Or when Siobhan left Banarama. Maybe a learned theologian can help in this matter.

Humour like this might cause offense to certain Christians, but I don’t think there is any harm in showing how patently ridiculous some aspects of Christian theology and Christian claims are.

In the meantime, please grab a copy of my book The Nativity: A Critical Examination [UK].

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