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Some time back, Dale McGowan, the editor / manager of the Patheos Nonreligious channel, proposed an idea that seems to be gathering momentum in the corridors of power (!). Dale proposes a blog that aggregates the following sort of content:

The proposed blog would provide brief reviews of new releases in atheist/humanist/skeptic books and other media, as well as interviews with the authors. Noteworthy videos and podcast episodes may also be included. The goal is to create a single spot for reviews and conversation around new works related to nonreligious life and thought.

I think this is a great idea, and I would love to help out by helping to organise it. However, I am a stupendously busy person, ao will not be able to contribute much in terms of content. That said, we would be very interested if anyone else out there would like to help produce content – reviews/interviews etc?

The hope would be to make it a can’t-miss promotional stop for all authors in the atheosphere. We could publish the schedule of upcoming features and invite readers to submit questions – that kind of thing.

But, first and foremost, does anyone have a name suggestion for such a blog?

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