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I am a pretty big fan of Obama. He is on the money on so many things. Yes, he will get grief over drones (but I wonder how much of that are others, political machinations, and the claims of the defence institutions etc,). In general terms, he is very cool, and the best president you have has in a long time. Yes, I am biased.

But it’s doubly cool that he is now an author of an academic paper.

As Science.mic reports:

Barack Obama just became the first sitting president to publish a scholarly article.

The article, titled “United States Health Care Reform: Progress to Date and Next Steps,” with “Barack Obama, JD” listed as the author, was published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (known as JAMA) on July 11.

It’s a pretty badass move for a president, and he got a lot of love on Twitter with the hashtag #ObamaJAMA….

What’s in the article

Basically, Obama is laying out how the next president could continue to improve health care. Obama recommends things like lowering the cost of prescription drugs and making a “public option” available for people buying health care coverage as a cheaper alternative to buying coverage from private companies.

Keep in mind the article isn’t marked as peer-reviewed, though it did go through extensive fact checking and editing, Forbesreported.

“While we of course recognized the author is the president of the United States, JAMA has enormously high standards and we certainly expected the president to meet those standards,” Howard Bauchner, JAMA’s editor-in-chief, told Bloomberg in an interview.


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