Reading Time: 2 minutes Oscar looking good in his kit
Reading Time: 2 minutes

I took up rugby again in my late twenties, after playing at school, and played on until I was about 34, when my twins were born. The last team I played for, before retiring, was the Fareham Heathens. My very aptly named local team. I am really happy that, along with their football (soccer) obsession, my twin boys are also really enjoying their time at the brilliantly family friendly team. We have even been given a small Heathens top, that my six-year-old boys take turns wearing:

Oscar looking good in his kit
Oscar looking good in his new top
WP_20161016_10_16_01_Pro (2)
My heathen twins
Pretty, eh?
Pretty, eh?

Here is the logo for the team:


There is something delightfully right that my local team is called such, and that I ended my playing career at the heady heights of Hampshire 1 with such a team. I wonder if any team in the States for any sport would get away with such a name?

Here’s the challenge. Find me the best philosophically named sports teams out there. Any sport. Something different for the weekend…

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