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I used to be all about music. I lived for music. I went to hundreds of gigs and festivals. And then I discovered philosophy, arguing about religion, writing and wrapped that up with two awesome twin boys and a beautiful partner.

And I forgot music.

My love affair is starting again.

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Or from the UK.

Here is my review (tells you little about the album, though!):

I love this album. There have not been many albums which have moved me on first listen; moved me to want to review it; moved me enough to instantly want more; moved me enough to remind me why I fell in love with music; moved me enough to regret having taken a sabbatical, amidst a busy and hectic life, from listening and loving music for what it can be: musical poetry and astute lyricism.

Sweet eyt rough; articulate and poignant; touching yet uplifting. Welcome home, music.


You might have heard his single, Let Her Go:

YouTube video

But this is probably my favourite:

YouTube video

Love the video, too. The lyrics are lovely. I also respect the fact that he used to busk just to get by. He’s done it the old-fashioned way!

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