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Political polarisation is something that is becoming more and more of a concern in both UK and US politics. The recent presidential elections were a perfect example of this, but, then again, the two-party political landscape in the US has always been something that lends itself towards such polarisation.

There is certainly a disconnect between what people in the general public believe of a given policy and how it then gets represented and communicated by the lawmakers and politicians themselves. In other words, the COVID relief bill may have had bipartisan popular support amongst the electorate, but when it hits the Senate, for example, it becomes a highly partisan political football. There was not one Republican Senator who voted for it.

Indeed, certain Republican politicians have painted the bill as a Blue State relief bill, and in terms of a real partisan context. And yet they were happy to support Trump’s call for an even bigger check, and were happy to sign previous budgets increasing debt hugely and not in a pandemic crisis!

Take this video example (it is well worth watching BTC’s analysis afterwards – always good value):

YouTube video

And then understand the partisan polarisiation on view here in the context of an exceptionally rewarding political interview (Jon Lovett and Ezra Klein) that is hugely recommended:

YouTube video

The problem is that dealing with so much of this isn’t about passing policy but in changing political process, as they discuss. There is much to discuss in the context of the tension between localised US politics and the national variety.

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