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This is blisteringly good, as ever. Andy Schueler, absent for too long, bangs See Noevo to rights:

I know. You and virtually all liberals and Dems.

Don’t forget every single independent and conservative with even just a shred of decency.

And that’s what’s been so great about every one of the days since November 8, 2016.

And here we have the explanation for why some people still support the orange menace. It’s spite.
Pure unadulterated irrational spite.

Drumpf didn’t build a wall on the southern border. Drumpf didn’t repeal and replace Obamacare. Drumpf didn’t kick Goldman Sachs Banksters out of Washington – he hired them. And the list could be continued arbitrarily.

He has, so far, accomplished nothing. And if you want to see any of the stuff he promised happen, then what he did so far was even worse than nothing. Because when he’s not busy playing Golf more often than any of predecessors, his favourite pastime is to be a complete asshole to everyone, including and often especially to the very people that he needs to pass any substantive legislation. Your chances of seeing Obamacare repealed and replaced or seeing the “fuck the poor and the middle class, give everything to billionaires” tax reform passed would be better with literally anyone else in the White House.

But people like you don’t care about that, because you evidently don’t give a fuck about policy in general. Nothing is substantively changing wrt healthcare, taxes, education, etc.pp. because Drumpf is too incompetent and too vile to work with his Republican majorities in both houses to effect any substantive change. And you are happy with that – because Drumpf pisses off people that you hate, and nothing else matters to you.

I would actually contest Trump’s ineffectiveness; well, perhaps Trump hasn’t achieved anything, but the Republicans behind the scenes certainly have been in an insidious way, as this piece (that I recently posted) stated in (“Beyond Twitter, Trump Is Making His Mark“):

Over his first nine months, Trump has used an aggressive series of regulatory rollbacks, executive orders and changes in enforcement guidelines to rewrite the rules for industries from energy to airlines, and on issues from campus sexual assault to anti-discrimination protections for transgender students.

While his administration has been chaotic, and his decision-making impulsive and sometimes whimsical, Trump has made changes that could have far-reaching and lingering consequences for society and the economy. Some have grabbed headlines but many, no less consequential, have gone largely unnoticed amid the daily controversies and Twitter insults that have marked Trump’s early months in office….

The administration has left its mark in smaller ways, as well. Trump has rolled back or delayed Obama-era rules and regulations that protected retirement savings from unscrupulous financial advisers, made it harder for companies that violated labor laws to land federal contracts and restricted what internet service providers could do with their customers’ personal data….

He has rolled back hundreds of rules and regulations, signed 47 executive orders and used a previously obscure legislative tool, the Congressional Review Act, 14 times to undo regulations passed in the final months of Obama’s presidency. The law had only been used once before, 16 years ago.

The Trump administration has withdrawn or delayed more than 800 Obama-era regulatory actions in its first six months. Proposals for new rules, including those to delay or rescind existing rules, dropped 32 percent from the same period in 2016 under Obama, and are down from similar six-month periods under presidents George W. Bush, a Republican, and Bill Clinton, a Democrat, according to the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute….

But Trump has found ways to make headway on some other stalled initiatives. While a repeal of Obamacare has faltered in Congress, his threats to cut the subsidy payments that help cover expenses for low-income consumers have created enough uncertainty that major insurers have pulled out of some state markets or asked much higher monthly premiums for 2018.

The administration has slashed advertising and cut grants to community groups that help people sign up, raising fears that many people will forgo coverage or forget to re-enroll in health plans for next year.

(It is worth reading the original article here.)

It could be a case of luring the media in to focus on Trump and his idiocy whilst, behind the scenes, Republicans are having their effect.

I must admit, though, Andy gets right to the heart of the negative style of argumentation and position that is encapsulated by the comments of people like See Noevo. Andy then posted this rather pointed clip:

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