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Ha ha! Frank has been commenting here for a few weeks and has not added much to any discussion other than annoying and unwarranted assertions. He never backs any claim up whatsoever with his short, inane comments. Andy nailed it when he said:

You have written over 13000 comments on DISQUS based forums, and, if your behaviour here is representative – you never once produced any argument, or any interesting links, or any even remotely interesting remarks or objections. All you ever do is mindlessly parrot the same stupid one liners over and over and over and over and over again.

Has anyone ever responded to any of your 13000+ comments with something along the line “That´s a really good point!”?

I could code a spambot that would be *exactly* as interesting as an interlocutor as you are, and it would be absolutely trivial to do so (since 9 out of 10 of your comments are “Thanks! That confirms that I´m right about x.” – it would really be remarkably easy).

And that is quite sad, you are the most boring person I have ever seen if comatose people are excluded.

That last sentence made me laugh!

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