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This is a comment from Geoff Benson (mate, we need to meet for another drink, Portsmouth way, when this mess is over!) on another thread concerning statues:

You’ve finally made me realise the difference between the conservative approach and the liberal approach to these sorts of crisis presently afflicting the US, and spreading to other countries. I mean by this those in both camps who are well intentioned, not the regressive left that tries to de platform speakers or vandalise statues, nor the silly right, that incites violence amongst demonstrators, to show how violent the demonstrators are, and generally agitate.

It seems to me that the difference is that conservatives see the problems being caused and address only those things that are happening. Violence against the police, destruction of property, decidedly criminal behaviour, all being perpetrated by what they see as mindless lefties. Liberals, on the other hand, look to causes, and perhaps sometimes fail to address the fire that is actually burning. Look through the comments here, and that is the only pattern I see. The two sides need to come together and acknowledge that on the one hand we need to try and calm the situation, but that will only happen if those who are causing the problems are given some assurance that there is an acknowledgment of their underlying grievances. This requires exceptionally good leadership…and that likely leads to another discussion!

I need to give this more thought to see whether it holds, but I am sure you can give it some thought in the comments thread.

The difference in the comments between conservatives and liberals on this blog are stark, in content and approach.

Whilst thinking about it, I might just have a cuppa, from my new merchandise! Whoop.

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