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This came yesterday from Illithid:

I don’t know what will happen in Syria. I do know that the choice we have for who to make decisions on our behalf is between two people. One is a career politician, imperfect, ambitious, willing to fight dirty to win, perhaps overfond of military intervention, but one who has many policy positions with which I agree, and most importantly, someone who is sane and in touch with reality. The other is a spoiled child at 70, inexperienced, uemotionally unstable, whose stated plans on national issues (where he has them) seem obviously wildly impractical and based solely on bluster, and whose ideas seem connected neither to reality nor each other. Whose supporters seem largely to be hateful fools who think saying something loudly enough makes it true.

This is the easiest political choice I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t remember Nixon. But I’d support him over Trump in a second. I know of no major presidential candidate in our history less suited for the office.

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