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A reminder to all local skeptics and philosophiles:

I am pretty excited that my biggest talk to date will take place later this month on Thursday 29th May in the Spiegeltent for Philosophy Hour at the Brighton Fringe Festival, one of the biggest fringe/arts festival in the world.The Argus: Spiegeltent to return to Brighton Festival and Fringe

The venue is impressive and will seat about 300, I think. I am wondering if I will be in the middle and how this would work with screens and whatnot.  This is perhaps a little bit bigger than my usual pubs and university lecture theatres, so I had better not get too nervous!

I also need to update my free will talk with more psychological evidence that I have picked up along the way. I now include a bit on priming, and certainly want to make the connection between social scientific studies, psychological studies and the lack of free will.

Any studies which mark out a correlation and thus causation (somewhere, usually!) are implicitly accepting a causal link between two phenomena which implies a lack of free will, where one would expect more of a random distribution.

Entry to this prestigious (wahey!) event is £6 a pop, a bargain to see my winning charm and erudite exposition of a well-trodden debate…


A TIPPLING PHILOSOPHER Jonathan MS Pearce is a philosopher, author, columnist, and public speaker with an interest in writing about almost anything, from skepticism to science, politics, and morality,...

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