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I’ve said this a number of times before… My books are generally niche. They don’t sell a lot. At all. So they don’t get many reviews. So when a Christian comes along and nebulously slams one of my books, as follows, it affects my sales and the general appraisal of the book for those third parties who come to check it out. In this case, the following review of my book on the Kalam has just been lodged on

P A Jones (PhD)

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 May 2021

The KCA is a powerful, long standing argument for God based on the premise that everything that begins to exist must have a cause. The author attempts to undermine this argument in several questionable ways. I’ll only talk about the first. From the text:

The first premise is “whatever begins to exist has a cause”. This, I posit, is a categorical proposition which amounts to an inductive piece of reasoning akin to “all dogs that have ever been seen have ears” as opposed to a categorical proposition based upon definition such that “all men are mortal”. The definition of “man” infers mortality. However, “whatever begins to exist has a cause” is not definitional and is dependent on empirical observation. This premise actually amounts to, at best, “everything which we have observed to begin to exist has appeared to have had a cause”. It is an assertion, a mere assertion at that, that everything which begins to exist has a cause, in the same manner that the premise “all dogs that have ever been seen have ears”.

From here the argument builds progressively to the point where the author feels he has undermined the argument for KCA and as such, can reject it. However, if you are not convinced by this beginning you’ll be NO more convinced by the end.

The thesis is cleverly presented but is ultimately based on scepticism and is in the end unconvincing. The KCA remains sound.

What annoys me about criticisms like this is that they are actually vacuous. This review actually contains no substance at all. Fine to disagree with me, but bring something to the table.

This is my livelihood. All I ask is that if you have genuinely read any of my books and genuinely enjoyed them, please post (Amazon) reviews of them. If you just haven’t got round to doing it when you once thought you might, please donate 5 minutes of your day to helping out my writing projects! If you didn’t like them…meh, not so bothered. Reviews mean a heck of a lot to books like mine. And that Kalam book is a good one, so I would love to balance those Christian reviews. I was over the moon when Richard Carrier recently said of it, “his book on the Kalam Cosmological Argument, for example, is among the best and most complete you’ll ever find”. That’s the kind of review I dig!

Soooo… if you have time, help us out…

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