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Given that there have recently been threads talking about why Christianity has succeeded in the way it has, this is topical:

Robert Price, a double PhD in theology and prolific author on religion and Bart Ehrman, probably the most successful atheist writer on various aspects of Christian history, discuss Ehrman’s new book, The Triumph of Christianity: How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World in the below podcast.

Both men had very similar backgrounds as ardent evangelical fundamentalist Christians until they went to higher education and saw how the sausage was made.

It is interesting to hear two men with such immense learning discuss the non-miraculous growth of Christianity and the three versions of Constantine’s conversion to Christianity.

At the very end, Ehrman says he has to leave for another interview and Bob responds something like — “Oh gosh, I won’t have a chance to claim that Constantine was a myth.”

This was reference to their dispute about whether there was a real man behind the Jesus story, Ehrman wrote a book that there was, and Price wrote a rebuttal that there may have been but we do not have sufficient information to say so.

Check out the Bible Geek podcast below:

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Or use this link if the above player doesn’t work.

(H/T to Julian Haydon for the text here)

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