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As many of you already know, I am writing a sister book to my Nativity one (The Nativity: A Critical Examination [UK]), called (unsurprisingly) The Resurrection: A Critical Examination. David Fitzgerald is kindly writing the foreword again, as he did to my Nativity book.

It’s going through a heavy edit just now with Michael J. Alter, who has himself written a huge book on the subject that is what I think a masterpiece.

I have thrown it out to a few people and have received a couple of early endorsements:

“Jonathan Pearce puts the resurrection genie back in the bottle (and the body back in the grave). If you are digging for truth, this book is a goldmine!” – Dan Barker, author of Godless

“For too long, Christian evangelists have been able to get away with the outrageous claim that the resurrection of Jesus is one of the ‘best-attested facts in history’. In this erudite and highly readable account, Jonathan MS Pearce demonstrates with devastating logic and clarity why this claim should be rejected.” – David Warden, Chairman of Dorset Humanists and Honorary Member of Humanists UK.

“You’d think that a refutation of mythology wouldn’t be necessary in the 21st century. But it is, and Pearce’s corrective is both complete and approachable. Fascinating!” – Bob Seidensticker, author of the Cross Examined, Patheos Nonreligious

I don’t know how long my brain can sustain writing projects with this much depth and scope – I can cognitively cope in very blinkered ways when my remit is narrow, so these sorts of projects (including writing on given topics on my blog here) have been manageable so far. But while I can, I will!

I would be happy to send it out for reader feedback to perhaps two of you here if you are willing to read it over this week for some reader feedback, if you have an interest in this area and are good for editorial feedback. Let me know below. Thanks hugely to the two reader-proofers who have already been vital in this process (Geoff and Jorg). Any help will get grateful thanks in the acknowledgements, of course!

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