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I have a friend who has a penchant for taking out provocative ads in certain places. In this case, it is the South Bend Tribune for its proximity to Notre Dame University and decent readership figures.

Here is the ad. What do think of this approach?


Perhaps it will provoke some good reaction, and maybe even allow people to come out of the woodwork. Sometimes, in the US, one still feels as though atheistic views are kept in the cupboard (certainly in certain generations and geographies). More things like this in newspapers should help to shift those sands.

I look forward to seeing what reaction he may get.

The text is as follows (at least in a previous incarnation):



than that a God,

perfect in every way,


needing nothing,

knowing everything

past, future and even possible;


a loving, just, merciful and forgiving Father;


should summarily create,

 from innocent nothingness,

creatures capable of suffering,


while knowing in advance,

 which ones he will consign

to suffer eternally!


No act of his ‘creature-victim’

could justify this verdict of unsurpassable hate,

injustice and mercilessness;


all, the very definition of unforgiving.


Nothing more is needed,

 though volumes provide it,

to prove that such a God

is not and never was,

 except as the sick

creation of


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