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All parties must do it, but there is something insidious and underhand in this election concerning the Conservative Party. We have got used to televised election debates. More than that, for a lot of disengaged voters who struggle to even name our Prime Minister, such TV debates are necessary. So it was frustrating when the Prime Minister refused to do an election debate.

Why? you ask. Well, it was frustrating because her reasons for refusing were that it is better to meet the voters first hand, out there, in the country. When Corbyn, the Labour leader, challenged her live on air recently, she stated:

“What I think is more important is actually that I and he take questions directly from the voters. I don’t think people get much out of seeing politicians having a go at each other, I think people want to hear directly.”

This is hilarious for several reasons.

Firstly, after she first declined a debate for these reasons, she travelled up to Scotland to meet the Tory voters. How? By booking a village hall as a kid’s birthday party and inviting, secretly, local Conservative Party members to attend.

Wow. That’s really meeting the voters.

And this sort of thing has continued, by and large. Because, secondly, when she has done photo shoots, this is really what is going on:

And then, however, someone releases the truth…

This is so comedic, it could be on a show like The Thick Of It. Delightful. And yet somehow sinister and manipulative.

But it gets worse. Corbyn is actually the one doing the meeting. And he’s destroying May by quite a margin on this front:


Of course, these sorts of things give satirical news sites, like NewsThump, field days. Indeed, NewsThump came up with this today:

Theresa May in quarantine at Tory HQ after contact with real member of public

Theresa May is being held in isolation today after unfortunate contact with an angry human being on the campaign trail yesterday.Theresa-May-shock-small

The exposure occurred during a walkabout in Abingdon in which the Prime Minister expected to be meeting ‘members of the public’ who had naturally been pre-checked and vetted before speaking to her, but was instead confronted by a genuinely angry voter who wouldn’t stop going on about cuts to her benefits.

Conservative party spokesman Simon Williamsby-Toffer addressed press this morning, telling reporters, “I can confirm that Theresa May did suffer some exposure to a member of the public yesterday.

“Despite this woman being clearly unhinged and verbally aggressive, the Prime Minister was able to escape relatively unharmed thanks to her strong and stable approach to running away from public confrontations.” Continue Reading…

When you have something like eight right-wing newspapers slagging off Corbyn, people start to believe them. And yet, past the TV- and newspaper-informed apathetic masses, there are real masses, active masses, engaged masses. And they are not really cheering on the Conservative Party. And they are not really printing or showing those active masses. You are more likely to find those videos on echo chambers on Facebook than on the evening news.

The media have a lot to answer for.

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