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I was lucky enough to be asked back to the Dorset Humanists, based in Bournemouth, UK, to give a talk on free will. I had previously given them a talk on the Nativity, based on my book, The Nativity: A Critical Examination. They appeared to enjoy it enough to ask me back, and I obliged.

Dorset Humanists website

So the talk went down really well, as far as I can tell. There were about 70 people there, which was a great turnout apparently, so that is a bonus. I gave the talk I have given a number of times before, adding a few new pieces of research, some ideas on language. I played a part from this fascinating video:


YouTube video


Well worth a watch. The Q and A session went very well, with a wide range of topics covered from quantum mechanics to Jungian philosophy; from objective morality to fatalism; from compatibilism to criminal rehabilitation. Something for everyone. I spoke to a number of people, but there is never enough time to speak to as many people as one would wish, so apologies if some were waiting around in vain!

The great news is that I am in talks with the organisers with regard to producing another talk in the Autumn, perhaps on critically examining arguments for and against the existence of God. That’s quite exciting, as it widens my remit for public speaking and allows me to get my teeth into something else. It also gives me a chance to sound out some of my ideas included in  a paper I am editing on criticisms of the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

All in all, a really fun night with some great interaction with some members of the audience. I mentioned, in passing, how the argument undercuts theism and the belief in a judgemental God, unless you are a Calvinist, and lo and behold, two Calvinists came up at the end and had a chat! One even bought my nativity book! Happy days.

As ever, my free will book is available for your edification!

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