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My friend and blogger (Smilodon’s Retreat) Kevin McCarthy lives in Texas. Texas is involved in a legal sh!tshow. Things are not looking good there in terms of women’s and reproductive rights.

Here, Kevin is nailing his various comments on Facebook to various GOPers.

To which Kevin said:

Asser (1998) examined 172 child fatalities between 1975 and 1995. Of the 172 children who died, 140 would have had a 90% or better survival rate with medical intervention. Eighteen more would have had a 50% or better survival rate, and all but three children would have had at least some benefit from medical care. Instead, every one of them died because their parents chose faith healing over evidence-based medicine.

If you aren’t willing to let experts care for children, then you shouldn’t be having children. I don’t clean my kids teeth. I’m not a dental expert. I don’t make my kids clothes, I’m not a sewing expert. I do teach my kid (in addition to public school), because I am a teaching expert and one of the things I teach my kid is how to think critically and examine sources of information for accuracy and reliability.

The parent is not the authority. Being a parent doesn’t give you the right to kill your child through inaction. Being a parent doesn’t give you the right to purposefully lie to your child. Being a parent is about raising a productive member of a society, one that is capable of taking care of themselves instead of depending on mom and dad for answers to everything. Especially answers when mom and dad are not experts.

[See McCarthy’s review of Bad Faith for some more discussion of these points.]

Spot on, KM.

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