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I have told you about this project before, but a little reminder might be in order.

A book that I have written with one of my ex-colleagues called The Curse of the Maya: A Truth-Seekers’ Story is now published and available to buy.

Details from the Loom site are:

Johnny Pearce and Andy Loneragan are embarking on a project for 9-year-olds through to 13-year-olds or so. In UK terms, this is Year 5 through to Year 7 and beyond. Heck, even adults should enjoy this one. The book fits in within the loose remit of Loom in being fiction from a skeptical or philosophical perspective.

Let’s set the scene of the book.

It centres around the actions of two twins, Verity and Ethan, twelve years old. The twins mother has passed away recently from cancer and the twins live with their father, an archaeologist. With no one to look after them one holiday, they have to accompany their father on an archaeological dig to Guatemala to work on a newly found site. There is some excitement as the dig uncovers an ancient mask that could possibly explain the end of the Maya civilisation.

The Curse of the Maya

The twins have quite different characters in that Verity is a girl who enjoys learning at every opportunity. With a sceptical mind, she likes to look at evidence and science. She is not one to jumping around and being exciting, preferring to concentrate her energies on more intellectual matters. Her brother Ethan, on the other hand, is a very sporty boy with a penchant for conspiracy theories. He takes risks and courts excitement.

It is in this context that they both approach the mask and its discovery. Things get tricky as they become embroiled in a plot that involves danger and the kidnap of their father. Can they save their father? Do they have the skills to escape the clutches of some very unsavoury characters? Can they unlock the mystery as to the end of the Maya civilisation? – all set in the context of Guatemala, the forest, and the Maya civilisation, the story is an exciting romp that also involves touches of philosophy that should provoke thought for the reader and leave them questioning and wondering.

We are dead excited about this book because we have not only thought about writing it really well so it fulfils so much of the English curriculum, but it also has a bunch of philosophy and ideas for the readers to chew on. It will be the first in a series of these books set in different locations of historical interest.

The official description is:

This gripping tale of twin twelve-year-olds, Verity and Ethan, who travel to Guatemala with their father, is packed full of archaeological intrigue. Whilst excavating a newly found Maya city, an ancient mask is discovered. Is the mask the cause of the end of the Maya civilisation, or is something more underhand going on? Will these children find out the answer as they deal with danger, kidnap, excitement and mystery? After the earlier death of their mother, the children have to deal with problem-solving as independent young minds in the confusing world of a foreign country. What will it take to succeed?

This book melds great writing with fast-paced action and adventure, whilst also asking questions of the reader. With more than a hint of philosophy for young people, this book offers much for its readers.

“Both entertaining thought-provoking, an exciting journey through danger, and philosophy, bugs, betrayal, sibling rivalry, and an awesome archaeological puzzle.”

Rebecca Bradley, author of Cadon Hunter

The book is available to order from all good bookstores, as well as Amazon US (paperback and Kindle) Amazon UK (paperback and Kindle), Kobo and Nook. The actual paperback has a gorgeous matte finish reminiscent of my other fiction book, Survival of the Fittest. Please buy that, too – the paperback is on super cheap offer from that Amazon link…

If you have kids, or fancy a bit of escapism, please, please grab a copy of The Curse of the Maya!

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