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America, and to some degree the rest of the world, are waiting with bated breath as to the outcome of the debate tonight between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Of course, only Biden has anything to lose so the event is more important to him than to Trump. Trump can do anything and his supporter will still support him. Jesus, look at his back catalogue! His sexual misconduct, his gaffes, his health issues, his brain/language deterioration, his foreign policy ignorance, his general policy ignorance, his declaration of draining the swamp and then promptly employing the swamp to immerse himself in on a daily basis, the indictment of countless employees, his lies, his more lies, his even more lies. And then there are the lies. And yet almost half of the US still support him.

He’s Teflon, and just as poisonous for his employees and supporters.

It’s staggering.

But we understand the psychology: chasing good money with bad.

Biden, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish. If he messes up, there is a chance he loses wavering independents and ex-Trump supporters. I don’t think these debates will have all that much effect at all, but if they do, it will only be to the detriment of Biden since the cognitive dissonance Koolaid has been drained from Trump’s swamp and consumed en masse by the remaining GOP support.

Biden has a fairly decent chance of making some gaffes and struggling; then again, he’s also performed well previously. we can be certain that there will be very little policy on show, particularly from Trump. Perhaps Biden might take this as a tack: go back to old school basics and actually talk politics, policy and substance. Because you can rest assured that Trump won’t be able to do that. We saw the embarrassing interviews when FOX soft balled him easy questions about what he will be campaigning on and he was utterly unable to answer with any substance. Twice. It was cringeworthy.

Here is a good analysis of all things debate:

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