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Tim Minchin is great, of that there is little doubt. Cerebral comedy drawn together with great musicianship. The classic assault on pseudoscience that almost everyone reading this has already seen:

On miracles and prayer – brilliant, there is this gem, with some cracking lyrics, including:

Now I understand how prayer can work:
A particular prayer in a particular church
In a particular style with a particular stuff
And for particular problems that aren’t particularly tough,
And for particular people, preferably white
And for particular senses, preferably sight
A particular prayer in a particular spot
To a particular version of a particular god

And if you get that right, he just might
Take a break from giving babies malaria
And pop down to your local area
To fix the cataracts of your mum!

Here is one on Americans and evolution and beliefs:

And, indeed, an extended piece of stand up and a song about religion and then evolution (If you open your mind up too much your brain will fall out):

I have reported on child sex abuse and the Catholic church in Australia, in particular with Cardinal Pell not playing ball. Minchin has produced his own attack on Pell:

F*ck the Mutherf*cking Pope is a poke at institutionalised sanctity etc. This is the live version with the orchestra. Class:

(The animated version:)

And for his sheer musical brilliance, this is outstanding:

UPDATE – had to add this as I feel just like this as a philosopher, sometimes:

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