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I have been arguing on facebook with an evangelical Catholic who has become so right-wing it is amazing. It stems from the most unbelievable cognitive dissonance I have ever experienced. He is gay, and sees that as a sin. As such, he has embraced every aspect of right-wingness in order to allow his brain to get over his core feelings (I suggest). He would make for a fascinating case study! You might want to see some of his writings here – somewhat incredible in the context of his present beliefs.

He hugely supports, as a Brit, Trump and everything that Trump does. His major bugbear is Clinton’s stance on abortion, even though Trump had 5 different stances in 3 days. It just depends, as ever with him, on who he talks to. I am amazed that evangelicals, be they Protestant or, in this case, a fervent Catholic, aactually defend Trump. Again, the cognitive dissonance is strong in these ones…

Indeed, it is worth considering just how Jesus-like Trump is. Or isn’t. What would Jesus do? Probably vote Clinton. Or Stein.

A recent Psychology Today article states:

According to recent surveys, three-fourths of Evangelical Christians want Donald Trump to be our next president. This is a man who holds little faith in the sanctity of marriage, mocks the disabled, denigrates women, engages in juvenile name-calling, disparages our Mexican and Muslim brothers and sisters, encourages Russia to hack our emails – and above all – has devoted his life to the greedy accumulation of as much money as is possible to accrue.

And Evangelical Christians love him.

It doesn’t make much sense. After all, Evangelical Christians supposedly consider the Bible the holy word of God. Presumably they read it. And Evangelicals pride themselves on loving and obeying God and seeking to do his will. How can they study the Bible and worship God and love His Only Begotten Son Jesus – and want Donald Trump as president?


* Jesus taught that one cannot serve both God and Mammon, that is, money and material wealth (Luke 16). Donald Trump has spent his entire life worshipping Mammon. He is, indeed, the ultimate embodiment of it.

* Jesus blessed the meek (Matthew 5). Donald Trump mocks the meek.

* Jesus blessed the poor (Luke 6). And no, this is not just “poor in spirit” – but poor as in poverty. Donald Trump calls the poor “morons.”

* Jesus condemned the rich (Matthew 19). Donald Trump worships wealth and seeks to make the rich ever richer.

* Jesus taught against divorce (Matthew 19). Donald Trump did it twice.

* Jesus taught that he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword (Matthew 26). Donald Trump lauds guns and is backed by the NRA.

* Jesus taught that we must render unto Caesar, that is, pay our taxes (Matthew 22). Does Donald Trump pay his? Well, he won’t release his tax returns. Why not?

* Jesus’s pregnant mother was denied a room at the Inn. Donald Trump’s main political platform is to deny millions room at the Inn. For Trump, refugees from war-torn nations and hard-working folks from poverty-ridden societies seeking a better life aren’t welcome in this, the most affluent country in the world.

In sum, as professor of ethics Andrew Fiala, author of What Would Jesus Really Do?,  rightly observes, “Jesus emphasized our obligations to the poor; he condemned the idolatry of money, and he generally assailed the rich, the powerful, the hypocritical, and the self-righteous.” Jesus certainly would not vote for Trump; how strange that His most loyal devotees will.

At its best, Christianity is about charity, forgiveness, and peace. Yet Donald Trump’s cardinal virtues throughout the course of his life have been selfishness, narcissism, and looking out for Number One (himself). Has Donald Trump ever lifted a finger to help anyone in need beyond his own immediate circle? He has never fought to end poverty, or worked for the rights of the disabled, or helped to improve our schools and hospitals, or make sure veterans are well-supported, or that the elderly have access to affordable medicine. No record of public service to speak of.

Isn’t Christianity, above all, about love? How can these hardy Evangelical Christians support a man who mainly sows hatred?

So desperate not to vote Democrat, many voters simply can’t see the wood for the trees. Indeed, they end up biting the very hand that feeds them. It ain’t the GOP who seeks to look after the working class, that’s for sure.

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