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Why is Elizabeth Warren not POTUS? Why? But before I get on to that, here is what my friend Kevin McCarthy, as many others have, has stated:

Let’s get this straight…
A president who knows nothing about the US Constitution, has unethical business relationships, and may be influenced by Russia.
A Secretary of Education who knows nothing about education.
A Secretary of Energy who doesn’t know that the DoE manages our nuclear weapons programs.
A director of the Environmental Protection Agency who doesn’t agree with man-caused climate change.
A Secretary of State who stands to make a $500 billion dollar deal with Russia for the company he was CEO of.
An Attorney General who is actively against many of the civil rights laws that exist today.
A Secretary of Labor who has had multiple lawsuits filed for illegal labor practices.

And the Republicans think this is all OK.

It’s just insane.

She is making a name for herself in these sorts of hearings. She is on the money, and nails her interviewees where absolutely necessary. Here, she takes apart Betsy DeVos. Who knows how the hell she got to be Education…oh yes, she donated a shed load of dosh to Trump’s campaign. Money talks, and being qualified means jack.

While we’re at it:

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