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I can’t believe that people genuinely still support Trump. I have refrained from blogging about him too much – and, my, there is an awful lot to blog about – for fear of it being a never-ending torrent of Trump’s idiocy. The man is losing the plot (given that he ever had it) in a very public manner.

First, we had Sean Spicer and then Sarah Huckabee-Sanders – they had a tough job and carried the role out with a bulldog mentality in impossible circumstances (often defending the indefensible). Now, we have Stephanie Grisham.

A few biographical details are pertinent here. Firstly, she has been prosecuted for two DUIs (Driving Under the Influence). That’s pretty bad, but arguably forgivable given some contextual information (which is absent). Actually, the 2013 incident had her being arrested for driving under the influence, speeding and driving with an invalid license. The 2013 charges were reduced in 2014 to reckless driving, according to court records. But then she lost a job over falsifying expense reports, and lost another job over plagiarism. That, in my eyes, is pretty terrible when being considered for the job of press secretary.

Whatever happened to Trump’s promise that he would hire only the best people for the job?

I suppose someone with a track record for lying to the point of losing their job is the best person for the job of sustaining and communicating and defending the lies of the President.

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