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Tucker Carlson has long been known for his racist views and attitudes, including calling white supremacy a hoax. You could fill hours and hours of video with his racist monologues. Recently, his opinions have seen big-name advertisers pull their spots from his show.

That is newsworthy in and of itself. However, things have taken an altogether sinister, if not wholly unsurprising, turn.

His chief writer, who has previously claimed that every single word on Tucker Carlson’s teleprompter is his, has resigned over racist and sexist comments found online. A CNN writer has spent some time piecing together and matching up all the racist writing on the forum with monologues and discussions on Carlson’s show to match the identities.

In a memo sent to employees Saturday afternoon, after this story was first published, Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace condemned “horrific racist, misogynistic and homophobic behavior.”…

Neff worked at Fox News for nearly four years and was Carlson’s top writer. Previously, he was a reporter at The Daily Caller, a conservative news outlet that Carlson co-founded.

In a recent article in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Neff said, “Anything [Carlson is] reading off the teleprompter, the first draft was written by me.” He also acknowledged the show’s influence, telling the magazine, “We’re very aware that we do have that power to sway the conversation, so we try to use it responsibly.”

When asked in a 2018 appearance on Fox’s “The Five” about the writing process for his show, Carlson said he spends hours working on scripts, but referred to Neff by name, saying he was a “wonderful writer” and acknowledging his assistance. And Carlson credited Neff in the acknowledgments of his book, “Ship of Fools,” for providing research. In the acknowledgments, Carlson said that Neff and two others who helped with the book “work on and greatly improve our nightly show on Fox.”

During the years that Neff wrote for him at Fox, Carlson has hosted one of the most influential shows on cable news. In the last quarter, Carlson had not only the highest-rated program in cable news, but the highest-rated show in the history of cable news. Carlson also counts President Trump among his most loyal viewers. On multiple occasions, the President has tweeted out videos of Carlson’s program. Which is to say, the scripts that Neff likely helped write and shape were being shared by the President of the United States….

Carlson himself has in the past pushed back against allegations of racism. He told The Atlantic in December 2019 that such accusations are “so far from the truth” that it has “no effect at all other than to evoke in me contempt for the people saying it” because he thinks “it’s that dishonest.”

On Friday, Carlson made reference, perhaps, to the case in attacking cancel culture. Neff has a past writing for The Daily Caller:

The point being that whilst he has written horrible stuff in secret under a pseudonym, he had also written horrible stuff openly, under his real name. Bill Kristol asks:

Is Carlson going to pretend to have been unaware of his close associate’s posts? Is he going to defend his associate’s views as 1) defensible and 2) consistent with his own? Or is he going to try to save his own career by throwing his friend under the bus?

FOX News has a terrible reputation amongst liberals and they always adopt a stance of plausible deniability in events like these, but this should really indicate the general cultural milieu of the organisation. And Trump is not only its biggest consumer but also its biggest megaphone.

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